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Back To School!

My lovely two during summer holidays

2020 has been a very unusual year. After months of school closure due to COVID-19 , kids have finally gone back to school. My eldest is in year 6 now- where did time go?The kid has grown so fast. In my eyes though, she will always be my baby girl. My youngest has started proper school nursery. He is not taking it too well. My wee bubba cries his eyes out every time we drop him off to nursery. Sometimes it’s hard on me as well. I do tear a bit when I leave him in such a mood but only when back alone in the car. I wonder if any other mums do the same. I got to act strong . It’s tough love as no matter how much he cries, we still take him to nursery. He is usually back to his jolly self at home times. Hopefully all children everywhere will remain safe during this uncertain times .

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