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The Silvery Tay River

The River Tay as seen from Kinnoull hill

Three weeks ago, my family and I happened to be in Perth. Perth is located in Scotland. The river Tay caught my eye as has always done in times past. The beauty of it as it runs along for miles is enchanting. The beautiful green landscape adds to its charm. The fresh country air so soothing. We went hiking at Kinnoull hill. We love these family walks and getting the kids out of the city sometimes. The hill is really steep and I found myself thinking how in shape one can stay by running up and down that hill a couple of times every week. Challenging but can be done. I actually saw a person doing a run on our way downhill. He was definitely sweating buckets. I loved this beautiful place and the tranquillity that goes with it. I could have sat there for hours.

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