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Those Hot Summer Days

My lovely two on a hot summer day.

I love summer because the sunshine seems to make everyone happy. I love the beautiful flowers that grace us in summer especially the Cherry blossoms, Buttercups, Alliums, Daisies, Carnations, Dahlias just to name a few. Our summer this year has been dotted with many rainy days but there have been a few really sunny ones. My children love sitting and playing in a paddling pool on such hot days. It’s lovely watching them beam with exuberance but sometimes there is the odd fight over toys or space. Kids fight over the silliest of things. Oh well, now that summer is over, we are looking forward to autumn. Don’t you just love the colours of autumn? It’s officially autumn from tomorrow to around the 21st of December. Last week was amazingly beautiful and sunny. Today wasn’t bad either but it’s officially the last day of summer.

Bestway 54006 Family Rectangular Inflatable Pool, 262 x 175 x 51 cm, Blue / White

Intex Swim Centre Family Pool with Seats 56475NP, 229 x 229 x 66 cm(Multi-color)

Intex Easy Set Pool without Filter – Blue, 8′ x 30″

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