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My husband and I at a FriendsFest in Glasgow

Those who really know me are aware of how much I love Friends. It’s one Sitcom that I watched growing up and still do till date. I never seem to get tired of watching it . FriendsFest majorly takes place during the summer period. This year however, it didn’t take place as a result of the Pandemic. You can usually find a FriendsFest in every major city in the UK. Two years ago, my husband and I went to a FriendsFest in Glasgow. It was absolutely amazing! We sat on Rachel’s, Joey’s, Ross’s, Chandler’s, Monica’s and Phoebe’s chair in Central Perk. We sat in Phoebe’s taxi, went to all of their respective apartments, dressed in their attire and got to sit in Joey’s and Chandler’s canoe! We drank coffee as well in Central Perk. For Friends lovers like me, it was a wonderful experience.

Ross’s apartment and Phoebe’s taxi

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GB eye Friends, Polaroids, Mug

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