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The Arndale

At the Arndale 2019

The Arndale is a big shopping Center in Manchester. It is one of the biggest indoor shopping Centres in the UK. It’s home to over 200 stores like: high street shops, eateries, supermarkets, fish, meat and fruit markets, perfume shops, gaming and mobile data provider shops just to name a few.

A bit of a glimpse of inside the Arndale

The Arndale is located opposite Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Primark and is right at the Center of Manchester City. My favourite eatery in Arndale is Nando’s. Who doesn’t love a good Nando’s bite after shopping right? The last time I was there, I grabbed Sushi instead though from YO!. You heard me right that’s the Sushi bar’s name. It’s a lovely Japanese restaurant and their Sushi is absolutely scrumptious!

Our kids loved the Disney shop the last time we visited. It’s full of all sorts of Disney characters’ costumes and toys. Our little girl was busy checking the princess dresses out and our little boy was pressing buttons on toys to hear their melodies. Well, we ended up getting our girl a Belle dress( princess in Beauty and the Beast) and our little boy got a Dalmatian puppy. It was a lovely day out.

Vicloon Princess Belle Costume Dress,9 Pcs Little Girl Princess Dresses Fancy Party Dress with Crown Wand Gloves Necklace Ring and Earrings Yellow

Disney Store Lucky Plush – 101 Dalmatians Toy – Medium 13 inches

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