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Ways To Keep Your Infant Happy, Calm and Amused

Our little bubba 2 years ago

We all know how hard it can be trying to calm a crying baby who doesn’t mind screaming non-stop for as long as it takes. We tried the following ways to keep our son amused and they worked every time.

The infant sit, stand and spin chair/table

This chair worked wonders. It has got toys attached to it which shake and make some soothing noises, a small music making pad that would sing when touched, teething toys and better still, it can spin and bounce. It used to keep our son amused and happy for a good half an hour!

Going for a drive or a walk

A drive or a walk used to calm our boy down- still does. Most of the times he would be sleeping within a couple of minutes after that.

Going to the park

It’s a shame because of the pandemic now but 2 years ago when our son was 1 year old, we would take him to the park and he loved the swings. He would be giggling ever so sweetly whenever he was on them. That used to tire him out and he would be sleeping by the time we got home.


Our son loves pictures in his books. We would read his stories to him as he looked at the pictures. It always seemed to calm him down.

Watching Baby TV

We came across a series of programs on telly for babies. Our son used to love watching them. He even used to mimic the songs and sounds. It was adorable. His favourites were ‘Fast Frank and Giraffa.’

Fisher-Price GGC60 3-in-1 Spin and Sort Activity Centre


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