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How to Make School Runs Stress Free

Let’s face it, school runs can be very stressful especially for working parents. Do you find yourself running late or barely making it on time for school drop offs and pick ups? I used to be in that situation not so long ago until I implemented a few things into our daily routine. Trust me, I’m so grateful I did. No more stressful mornings for any of us and it’s such a relief. I implemented 10 steps into our daily routine and will outline them below.

1) Sleeping earlier

We make sure that our children are in bed now latest by 20:30 PM. That has has made it so much easier to get them up earlier every morning. I have noticed that they wake up happier as opposed to before.

2) Getting next day uniform ready

Every day after school, the dirty uniforms go to the washing basket and we get fresh and clean uniforms ready for the next day. School shoes are cleaned and it’s been making it much easier for them to dress up every morning.

3) Checking that homework is done every night

We usually check their homework books every night and sit with them to do their homework. No more tears over unfinished homework in the morning especially from my eldest. My youngest has just started nursery so not much school work yet.

4) Extra-curricular activities

I know a lot has changed during this period because of Covid-19 but I still make sure they burn energy after school either through going for walks in the park or playing on the trampoline and still practicing piano lessons at home. My eldest used to do sports and piano lessons after school before this Covid-19 period. She was due to commence gymnastics and we were hoping to enroll our youngest to sports too but oh well, we do it all at home now. They are usually shattered as a result of this and ready for bed early.

5) Limiting electronics to the weekend

This wasn’t an easy one but I’m glad we finally got there. No iPads or video games at all during week days.

6) Limiting TV during the week

They are only allowed an hour of telly after supper which has made it so much easier to get them to calm down for bed.

7) Reading a book in bed

I’ve noticed that reading bed-time stories especially to my youngest for a couple of minutes when he gets to bed, sends him to sleep. He has recently turned 3 and notices and speaks many more words since we started taking the reading seriously so it’s a win win situation.

8) Waking up twenty minutes earlier

This gives us the time to get school bottles filled and snacks packed in school bags. As a result we don’t rush about stressing to do things enabling everyone to be more relaxed.

9) Knowing what’s for breakfast the previous evening

I usually ask our kids what they would prefer for breakfast every evening after school and set it aside ready for the next day. It’s usually mostly cereals during the week and sometimes quick pancakes with fruits and milk. This saves so much time.

10) Organising my day

Making sure I get back on time for school pick ups if I’m away to work or attending to daily duties has proved essential. I’m no longer rushing to beat traffic during rush hour to pick our kids up from school.

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