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How to Toilet Train a Toddler Quickly

Some children quickly take to the toilet as early as at 24 months and others as late as 4 years. No rush, as every child is beautifully unique. However, there are some steps you can follow to get your toddler toilet wise quickly. It makes it much easier to get them going to the toilet regularly especially when they commence nursery school. Toilet training is not an easy road in most cases and will have to involve the tough love concept.

List of things needed for toilet training

1) Training Pants

2) Toilet step stool

3) Toilet training seat

4) Toilet rolls and baby wipes

Steps to follow to get your child quickly toilet trained

1) Ensure that your toddler has mastered potty training. Children who know how and when to use the potty are much easier to toilet train.

2) Stop putting on nappies or pull ups on your toddler except only at sleep time or when going out. Put potty/toilet training pants on them instead.

3) Keep asking your toddler if he/she needs the toilet after every couple of minutes and keep taking them to the toilet. I know this might be tiring but trust me, it does pay off.

4) Congratulate and clap for your child every time they use the toilet successfully. This encourages them to want to use it more.

5) Telling them off whenever they soil or wet their training pants. I told you that this will have to involve some tough love. It’s not a good feeling but that’s the only quick way to get your child to know that it’s wrong to soil/wet themselves. It will make them aware that they need to ask to be taken to the toilet every time they feel the urge for a long or short call. They will probably cry when you tell them off but explain to them in a calm manner why you are doing that.

6) Giving them some nice treats every time they use the toilet successfully. This will definitely encourage them more.

Toilet training is not an over night activity but can take a bit longer in some cases. Persistence and patience in a parent are the two keys to ensure that your child gets toilet trained. If you follow the steps above on a daily basis, I know for sure that within a short period, your toddler will be using the toilet independently.

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