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Interview with Author Budd Nelson

Our featured author today is Budd Nelson from USA. He has written a vast number of stories, poems and books. I was honored to have an interview with this legend. I asked Budd Nelson a few questions in regards to his writing career which I will outline below.

When did you start your writing career?

My first poem was published in 1992, my first book in 2011, that is when I joined Authors Den.

What was/is your inspiration in becoming an author?

I have always written since high school but never considered publishing anything until 2010. I started writing ‘Dusty’ while I was deployed in Afghanistan ( I work for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers), there is a funny story on how that happened. Probably longer than you want to read here. The first poem was published earlier because one of my friends submitted it without telling me. I knew when I got the acceptance letter from the publisher… my friend Andi had a long talk about that Lol.

What genres do you specify in?

In poetry, I just write. I do not put them in genres as some do. My first book ‘ Dusty’ is a western. I have written mostly in genres where I do a lot of research so that I write stories about Ancient Rome, Vikings, Medieval Britain, Colonial America etc. I also write some mystery in/suspense (more modern times). They are listed in several genres: historic fiction, fantasy, western, nature, memoir, science fiction, romance etc. It depends on what gives me the initial spark to write each story. Most of my stories are on Authors Den so it’s easy to read them. Some have been published in ‘The Path.Dusty is the only one listed on Amazon.

What does a day look like in the life of Budd?

I’m up early and go to work early at USACE ( Based out of Fort Detrick MD). I get off at mid afternoon and come home to my wonderful wife Mary (She is also my editor of what I write), that and weekends is when I write. We have our four fur babies: Rosie is a Shih Tzu, Bella is a Corgi and Maxwell is a Bichon Frise. Their companion in crime is Doodle our Calico cat. So in the evenings, I spend a bit of time petting and holding them ( many times more than one at a time….. they are all very spoiled). I like to garden, my backyard is listed on the national nature habitat society. I collect fossils and have since I was ten ( which is why my degree is in Geology and worked for ten years in that field not long after I finished my USMC enlistment when I returned from about two years in Vietnam in 1970. I also collect ancient and other coins and collect Boy Scout memorabilia ( I was in the Boy Scouts for about twenty five years as a youth and then an adult.

What academic advice can you give to children?

Attend and graduate from college with a broad and full spectrum of courses. Take composition and writing classes if you can. Live a full life and draw from where you have been, seen and lived. We write best about what interests us the most. Be kind, get involved and most of all listen and learn from wherever you are.

What books would you recommend for children?

Shakespeare, Hemingway, Carl Sandberg, Poe, Burrows, Wells and any classics should all be read thoroughly. Ellis Peters for the enjoyment of medieval mystery. The Clan of the Cave Bear series and feel the depth of research she made and what excellent descriptions of where and when the book takes place. Escape where you are and so many others but most of all when you read, immerse yourself in whatever you read. Live the experience you have chosen in it. Reading as much as writing allows you to escape to a place you might not have the chance to visit in person.

What a wonderful and lovely interview with Budd Nelson? Follow Budd Nelson on Authors Den where you can read his amazing brilliant stories and poetry. Find the link to Budd Nelson’s brilliant book Dusty on Amazon below.


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