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Interview with Author Rosslin Kuurien

Author Rosslin Kuurien

Our featured author today is Rosslin Kuurien from Mumbai India. I was honored to have an interview with this absolutely brilliant author who has accomplished so much in the world of literature. Let’s get to know Rosslin Kuurien. Shall we? I asked Rosslin Kuurien a few questions in regards to her writing career and I will outline them below.

Tell us a bit about you

My name is Rosslin Kuurien. I have been writing by the pen name J K Roseline. I began my writing career as a freelance journalist in 1996. My articles and features have been published in prominent newspapers in India and Dubai. I used to write for Gulf news tabloid section of the newspaper when I lived with my family in Dubai as my husband was working there. I continued writing features in newspapers until 2010.

When did you start your writing career?

When I returned to Mumbai India. I wanted to do something of my own and thought that I could commence writing a short story collection. Meanwhile, I would write poems every once in a while and would get much appreciation for it. That was way back in 1988 when I published them in a newspaper. That was long before I started my freelance writing work.

What inspired you to become an author

I got back to writing poems only in 2004 when I lost my mother. I wrote a tribute, like a catharsis, it healed me. I wrote a long tribute of more than a thousand words which I wrote in bits and pieces little by little. It is titled, ‘ An Ode to a Mother.’ I thought nobody would read it but when I posted it on Authors Den, it soon acquired more than a thousand hits. Such poems about family are available on my third book ‘ The Guiding Lights’ which I have dedicated to my parents. In 2012, I came to know of the Authors Den site. I posted just one poem and forgot about it. I started some other work in writing but I was not consistent about it. It was in 2013 that I got a laptop and was soon back to writing. I began posting a poem once every four days on Authors Den. I didn’t think anything much about it until a couple of poems later when Ronald Hull from Authors Den read and commented on a poem. One by one, the comments of other members went on increasing so much that by the time I had posted all the poems I had with me, I was motivated to write more! Poetry wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to do short stories. There was this community of wonderful writers commenting and supporting without bias. Authors Den is a beautiful world.

Tell us about a remarkable time in your life and how it inspired your thoughts as a writer

Life takes its own turns. It is a chance meeting with Martin Kiszko in Mumbai India at a literature festival. I attended his children’s workshop on poems which I half heartedly went – it changed my world. I became his fan. I wanted to try and do what he taught us on that day in a two hour workshop! He talked about his book, ‘Green Poems for a Blue Planet.’ The workshop was for children. A few adults were there too. I took back an idea for life!

Martin Kiszko is a poet, composer and screenwriter. He has composed over 200 scores for film and television. He has also released eight albums with major European orchestras. His screenplays include the children’s fantasy Junkworld.

Yes, my vision in life changed. All the books I published were for all especially for motivating children into poetry writing. I have also written a few songs.

What does your day usually look like?

I spend time doing haikus double dactyls, clerihew, the tankas, sonnets, limericks and most of the other forms. It is like a game of words for me. I become childlike and can connect with them.

Tell us a bit about your family

I come from a family of writers. My paternal grandfather was a dramatist and a revolutionary poet of his time. My uncles have published books. One is historical as one my uncles was a history professor. My other uncle who lived till the age of 97 was a poet too and did much work. His main language of writing was not English. He did many translations in English. I have an under graduate degree in Science and a post graduate degree in English Literature where I had the option of doing American literature.

What is your experience with children as a writer?

I have written and published poetry books meant for children. Before I became a writer, I taught in schools. I delve into topics that interest them. My collection of poems are about seasons and nature, tales of animals and birds which are especially for school children. I would like to help children develop the skill of writing poems just as they learn any other art forms by means of fun filled workshops.

My poems are included in various anthologies in India and America including an anthology collection ‘I Am a Woman’ a tribute to Kamala Das released in New Delhi in May 31 2015.

What academic advice can you give to children?

I would tell children to follow their hearts in whatever they wish to do in life. Let them work on their best qualities as that will surely bring out good results.

What a wonderful interview with Rosslin Kuurien? Find Rosslin KuurienYoutube link where she showcases her literary works below. Also, find links to Rosslin Kuurien’s books on Amazon below too.

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