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Educational and Fun Indoor Activities for Children

Whether it’s a weekend at home, adverse weather conditions, coming off school for half term or been forced to stay off school during these uncertain times as a result of Covid-19, children can get bored very easily. Mine never shy away from saying when they get bored. If the weather conditions are adverse as they have been here lately, it becomes impossible to even go to the park. It rains a lot in autumn and it’s getting colder too. Indoor activities for children can break that boredom. I have tried a number of educational and yet fun filled activities with my children and they work perfectly every time.

23 Indoor Activities For Children

1) Doing homework online

There are lots of sites online that offer homework for kids of different ages. I’ve tried They offer Maths and English from the reception/nursery stages through to high school. They even offer complementary virtual stickers to encourage and congratulate children when they perform well.

2) Art

Children love drawing and painting. Get the paint out and watch their little faces beam with excitement as they draw and paint.

3) Cooking and Baking

Cooking simple meals like Macaroni and cheese with older kids is not only fun but educational too. Teach them how to bake and perfect the skill with time. They get so chuffed eating meals they have cooked or baked.

4) Crafts

Kids love making cards. Making cards at home is fun. Get them making birthday, thanksgiving and Christmas cards depending on the occasion. You can delve into making accessories like bracelets or birthday hats with them too.

5) Doing some P.E lessons

Exercise is a big part in ensuring that children are healthy, happy and well rounded. Being stuck indoors shouldn’t deprive children the ability to burn out some energy. Try some simple exercises with them at home. For motivation, check out Joe Wicks workout for kids on YouTube below.

6) Learn a new skill

Learning new skills can be great fun. You can teach your children to play the key board, guitar, drum etc. Some younger children might want to learn things like putting shoes on right, tying the shoe laces or even dressing themselves up properly.

7) Story time

Reading or narrating stories the old fashioned way to kids can be a fun and educative way to engage their creative minds.

8) Just dance

Have you tried Just Dance yet? It gets kids dancing to their favorite songs and that’s all burning energy right there at home.

9) Writing

Writing engages the creative mind. Getting children to write short stories, compositions or poems can help them improve their grammar skills too. Rewarding them with stickers will encourage them to write better.

10) Learn about a new country

Picking a particular country and discussing with your children about the culture, food and lifestyle of the people as well as the location of the country, can be a fun and educative way to engage with them.

11) Plant an indoor garden

Planting an indoor garden can be a fun way of teaching children about plants and how to take care of them. It will help them develop a caring nature towards plants.

12) Build a puzzle

Puzzles as well as board games can set children’s minds to work. Make sure you congratulate or clap for them when they complete them successfully as that encourages them to keep doing well.

13) Learn a new language

It’s good for children to be able to speak and understand more than one language fluently. If you know a different language, teach them. It will do them good. Nowadays, there are lots of resources online that facilitate learning different languages.

14) Tackle difficult and sensitive subjects that may not be taught at school

Informing your children about subjects like racial inequality and bullying is very important. Teach them about how it can affect different people and start educating them about equality and diversity from an early age. This will help them to grow up to become better people even in an imperfect world.

15) Family movie

Watch a good family movie with your children. A lot of family movies have got good moral lessons for them to learn.

16) Be charitable

Sort out clothes that do not fit them anymore and are still in good condition. They could be winter coats, shoes, clothes and toys that they don’t play with anymore. Arrange for all these to be donated to charity shops. This will teach your children the act of being charitable to those in need.

17) Reinforce and re-learn new skills

Reminding them of skills you taught them before and letting them do them again can be a good way to ensure that they don’t forget. Get them tying their shoe laces again, loading the dishwasher or washing machine etc.

18) Learn new sounds and colors

For younger children, teaching them new sounds and colors can be a fun and educational way to grow their little minds.

19) Lego kits

Getting older kids to build things using Lego kits can help them engage their minds and it’s fun too!

20) Watch good documentaries together

There are a lot of educational documentaries especially about our planet and universe. These are sure to spark interest in kids. See Sir David Attenborough’s ‘Our Planet’ documentary below

21) Basic scientific experiments at home

Analyzing specific components in matter using a microscope at home is an interesting way of getting children to like science. There are lots of basic scientific experiments which you can practice at home with your children. Show them how the law of gravity works. Mixing water and oil whereby because oil is less dense than water, it floats and as such the two don’t mix. Show them how to generate electric energy using potatoes just to name a few experiments.

22) Teaching them the basics of sewing and knitting

This is a fun activity and a good skill for children to learn. It will benefit them as they grow up.

23) Taking care of a pet

Allowing children to take care of the needs of a pet like feeding, cleaning and petting, will help them grow up with a sense of responsibility and empathy.

As you can see, staying indoors doesn’t have to be boring at all. It’s good for children to get some outdoor fresh air of course but whenever circumstances don’t allow, give these fun and educational activities a go.

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