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20 Health Benefits of Guava Leaves

I grew up eating this tropical fruit- guava. Guavas are delicious and packed with nutrients. Very rich in vitamin C and Lycopene, they are one of the best immunity boosters. Now, the guava leaves are used for treating and preventing numerous health conditions. These leaves are power houses of vitamin C and flavonoids such as quercetin. Guava tea which is made simply by soaking a few clean guava leaves in hot water, is one of the healthiest teas ever. The magic of plants! Let me take you through the health benefits of guava leaves.

1) Helps relieve painful symptoms of menstruation

Many women experience dysmenorrhea — painful symptoms of menstruation, such as stomach cramps.

However, there is some evidence that guava leaf extract may reduce the pain intensity of menstrual cramps.

A study in 197 women who experienced painful symptoms found that taking 6 mg of guava leaf extract daily resulted in reduced pain intensity. It appeared to be even more powerful than some painkillers (11Trusted Source).

Guava leaf extract is also thought to help relieve uterine cramps (12Trusted Source).

2) Seem to have anti-cancer effect( further studies are needed though before any solid claims can be made)

Guava leaf extract has been shown to have an anti-cancer effect. Test-tube and animal studies show that guava extract can prevent and even stop the growth of cancer cells (18Trusted Source19Trusted Source).

This is likely due to the high levels of powerful antioxidants that prevent free radicals from damaging cells, one of the main causes of cancer (19Trusted Source).

One test-tube study found that guava leaf oil was four times more effective at stopping cancer cell growth than certain cancer drugs (20Trusted Source).

Although the results of test-tube experiments are promising, it doesn’t mean that guava leaf extract helps treat cancer in people. Further studies are needed before any claims can be made.

3) Helpful for treating Dengue fever

Guava leaves are very helpful in curing dengue fever. Guava leaf extract can raise the number of platelets in the blood and is not at all poisonous. Boil 8-9 pieces of guava leaves in 5 cups of water until it becomes half. Then strain and cool it. Give a cup of this concoction to dengue patients up to three times a day.

4) Helps in sperm production

Consumption of guava leaf tea has proven to be helpful in increasing sperm production, therefore helping with conception.

5) They are good for brain health

Guava leaves contain vitamin B3 (niacin) and vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), which help in improving blood circulation to the brain, stimulating cognitive function and relaxing the nerves.

6) They soothe gastrointestinal issues

Guava leaves are useful in treating gastrointestinal issues because they reduce the production of extra mucus that can irritate the digestive system, and prevent further microbial growth in the intestines due to anti-bacterial properties.

7) Promote heart health

Guavas may help boost heart health in a number of ways.

Many scientists believe that the high levels of antioxidants and vitamins in guava leaves may help protect your heart from damage by free radicals (6Trusted Source).

The higher levels of potassium and soluble fiber in guavas are also thought to contribute to improved heart health.

Additionally, guava leaf extract has been linked to lower blood pressure, a decrease in “bad” LDL cholesterol, and a rise in “good” HDL cholesterol (7Trusted Source).

Since high blood pressure and high levels of LDL cholesterol are linked to higher risks of heart disease and stroke, taking guava leaf extract could lead to valuable benefits.

What’s more, the fruit may have benefits for heart health as well. 

A 12-week study in 120 people found that eating ripe guava before meals caused an overall decrease in blood pressure by 8–9 points, a reduction in total cholesterol by 9.9%, and an increase in “good” HDL cholesterol by 8% (8Trusted Source).

This same effect has been seen in several other studies (9, 10Trusted Source).

8) Boosts immunity

Low levels of vitamin C are linked to an increased risk of infections and illness.

Guavas are a fantastic way to get this nutrient, as they’re one of the richest food sources of vitamin C.

In fact, one guava provides about double the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) for vitamin C. This is almost twice the amount you would get from eating an orange (13).

Vitamin C plays an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system (21Trusted Source).

Although it’s not proven to prevent the common cold, vitamin C has been shown to reduce a cold’s duration (22Trusted Source).

It’s also linked to antimicrobial benefits. This means that it helps kill off bad bacteria and viruses that can lead to infections (21Trusted Source).

Because vitamin C can easily be flushed out of your body, it’s important to regularly get enough through your diet.

9) Improve your sleep quality

Drinking guava leaf tea regularly helps improve quality of sleep. It calms your nerves and quietens your mind, making it easier to slip into slumber.

10) Helps in treating oral conditions

Guava leaves are anti inflammatory in nature and help in maintaining good oral health. Guava leaf tea works as a fantastic home remedy for toothache, swollen gums and oral ulcers due to the powerful antibacterial agents. You can also grind the leaves into a paste and apply it to your gums and teeth to cure these problems.

11) Helps in improving skin texture

Guavas have high astringent properties, and guava leaves rank even higher. Apply a decoction of the leaves on your skin to help tone and tighten facial muscles.

12) Prevents hair loss

Suffering from hair loss? Guava leaves for hair can keep all your hair-related problems at bay. Guava leaves can be boiled and the water massaged onto the scalp once it cools down. Guava is rich in antioxidants that could do wonders for volume of hair.

13) Reduces acne

Due to their high percentage of Vitamin C, guava leaves can help get rid of acne when crushed and applied to trouble spots.

14) Helps heal coughs and colds

Guava leaves contain high levels of Vitamin C and iron. A decoction of guava leaves is very helpful in relieving coughs and colds as it helps get rid of mucus. It also disinfects the respiratory tract, throat and lungs.

15) Helps in managing diabetes

Japan has approved guava leaves tea as one of the foods for specified health uses to help with the prevention and treatment of diabetes. The compounds in the tea help regulate blood sugar levels after meals, by inhibiting the absorption of two types of sugars – sucrose and maltose. Guava leaf tea inhibits several different enzymes that convert carbohydrates in the digestive tract into glucose, potentially slowing its uptake into your blood.

16) Promotes weight loss

Looking to shed the extra inches around your belly? Drink guava leaf tea. Guava leaves help prevent complex carbohydrates from turning into sugars, promoting rapid weight loss. Drink guava leaves tea or juice regularly to reap the benefits.

17) Helps in treating diarrhea and dysentery

Guava leaves are herbal medicine for dysentery & diarrhea. To treat diarrhea, you will have to boil 30 grams of guava leaves with a handful of rice flour in one glass water and drink this solution twice a day. For dysentery, just cut the roots & leaves of guava plant & boil them for 15 minutes at 90 degrees Celsius temperature. Strain the water & drink in moderation.

18) Aids in digestion

Guava leaf tea helps in digestion by stimulating production of digestive enzyme. The strong antibacterial agents kill bacteria in the lining of the gut & stop proliferation of toxic enzymes by bacteria. Guava leaves are mainly useful in case of food poisoning and soothing, vomiting & nausea. To ease stomach pain, just boil 6-7 pieces of guava leaves in 1.5 liters of water & drink two or three times a day.

19) Helps in lowering cholesterol

LDL or Low-density lipoprotein are one of the five major groups of lipoproteins which transport all fat molecules throughout your body. It is the excess of this class of cholesterol that may cause a host of health disorders particularly that of heart. According to an article published in Nutrition and Metabolism, study participants who drank guava leaf tea had lower cholesterol levels after eight weeks.

20) Good for the general well-being of your skin

The wide range of vitamins and antioxidants packed in guavas and their leaves works wonders for your skin. Their antioxidants protect your skin from damage, which can slow down its aging process, helping prevent wrinkles.

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