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The Prayer of Jabez

The God Who Breaks Yokes of Limitation Limitations are inevitable in our daily walk in life. However, it’s important not to let the limitations you encounter determine your destiny or […]

Ways to Boost Your Energy As a Busy Mum

As mums, we get so preoccupied with our families, careers/jobs, maybe ongoing studies and lots of other things on a daily basis. It’s so easy to lose yourself in the […]

Interview with Author Budd Nelson

Our featured author today is Budd Nelson from USA. He has written a vast number of stories, poems and books. I was honored to have an interview with this legend. […]

Generational Curses and How to Break Them

Generational curses run from generation to generation in families. Family history knowledge is very important as any unusual reoccurring patterns can be identified and dealt with. Generational curses have existed […]

Pumpkin Face Mask: The Benefits

Skin Hydrating, Nourishing & Exfoliating Face Mask It’s autumn and October- the season for pumpkins. I love me some pumpkin pie. It’s scrumptious. Pumpkins are versatile and in this season, […]

Calamari and Prawn Salad

Easy to make, healthy salad for sea food lovers. Sometimes we desire light salad dinners and I have found this perfect every time. It oozes with flavours which will tickle […]

How to Toilet Train a Toddler Quickly

Some children quickly take to the toilet as early as at 24 months and others as late as 4 years. No rush, as every child is beautifully unique. However, there […]